July 8 Presentation - Criminal Defense and Domestic Violence
Attorney Susan K. Howards
Criminal Defense and Domestic Violence
Employment Discrimination/MCAD
Specialties: Criminal Defense Law and 'Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders

Susan K Howards is a former college professor who trained teachers from 34 countries. She took her pension and went to law school mid-life. She was the second oldest in her class and wore her first pair of jeans ever as a student.  She received her Ph.D. from Boston College along with a Fulbright Hayes award to India, where she traveled the region.
As a criminal defense attorney, she was a quasi-public defender as a bar advocate in the old Chelsea Court, the Boston Municipal Court, and Brookline District Court.  She was Eugenia Moore’s attorney, the first of The Framingham Eight to have her life sentence commuted.  She has a national practice, and along with representing victim thrivers, she also represents batterers.
Currently, she is a member of the Norfolk County Domestic Violence Round Table, The Jennifer A Lynch Committee Against Domestic Violence, and Counsel to Reverse Patterns and Women Thriving inc.
Susan K. Howard, JD. PhD.
Law Office of Susan K. Howard
Email -    suehow@aol.com
Website - www.susankhowards.com 
Telephone - 617-383-6000
July 15, 2022 - on Fridays



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July 22, 2022 Social Event - "Raise a Glass for RIA" Networking Fundraiser
WBG Connects invites you to join us for a networking wine tasting fundraiser to benefit RIA Inc. a 501c(3) non-profit organization based in Framingham, MA. Ria Inc. fights for women who are victims of sexual exploitation, trafficking and prostitution. Raise a glass and make a difference. This event is open to members and non-members.
QUESTIONS:  Email Janika LeMaitre at president@wbgconnects.org.
Previous Speakers
June 10 Presentation -  What is it about Wheat and Gluten?
Holli Bassin
Functional Medicine Health Coach, Author, and Speaker
There are many reasons people choose to go gluten-free, the most common being to manage celiac disease, and to reduce symptoms of gluten sensitivity or wheat allergy. But do you know why "gluten-free" is the latest craze and how the wheat industry evolved to what it is today? In this talk, Holli will discuss the unhealthy evolution of wheat, why it is now a billion-dollar industry, market-driven gluten-free products, and what they are doing to your body.
Holli Bassin is a Functional Medicine Health Coach, Author, and Speaker. She works with individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic diseases and are frustrated with their health. Holli helps her clients find the root causes of chronic symptoms using nutrition, education, and holistic intervention to puzzle piece the reversal of the disease. Inspired by her daughter’s success in overcoming life-threatening food allergies through desensitization, Holli is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and author of the book, From Anaphylaxis to Buttercream.
Holli Bassin
Functional Medicine Health Coach, Author, and Speaker
website:          hollibassin.com
email:              holli@hollibassin.com
phone:            781-343-1375
May 13 Presentation - Catie's Closet
Mickey Cockrell, CEO & Co-Founder 
Catie's Closet 
Catie’s Closet improves school attendance and graduation rates, as well as the mental, emotional, and physical health of students facing poverty, homelessness, and other crises by providing free, in-school access to clothing and basic necessities and uniting with community partners to meet students’ other immediate needs. The Catie’s Closet model reaches students directly, right within their school, and indirectly with our partner agencies by offering a source of instant relief and empowering them to re-focus on thriving in their current environment.  Our approach is a low-cost, highly effective, community-engaged initiative.

Contact information
Catie’s Closet
Email      mickey@catiescloset.org
Phone     978.771.3402  
Susan Hackney
Director of Marketing for Harvard Summer School, Harvard Professional Development and HILR
The 60 Year Curriculum is a term used by many educational institutions for formal lifelong learning.  This term arose as a result of several forces coming together that are now requiring educators to rethink who the students are that they serve and how they might meet their educational needs over a possible lifetime.  This presentation will explore what educational institutions mean by “The 60 Year Curriculum”, the disruptive forces behind this, and how both traditional educators and entrepreneurs are rising to meet these needs.
Susan Hackney is a marketing executive with extensive experience in leadership and team management.  She works for Harvard University as Director of Marketing for Harvard Summer School, Harvard Professional Development and HILR. Prior to joining Harvard, she served as Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for The Christian Science Monitor.  As a member of the executive team. She provided leadership a during a period of transition as the 100-year-old news organization became the first US based newspaper to shift from a daily print publication to a web-first format. Susan has also held senior marketing positions with Aramark CorporationUS News and World Report, and Weider Publishing.
Susan Hackney